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February club Meeting

Wednesday, FEBRuary 19th, 2:00 - 4:00 PM
PAC, Dining Room TWO

february's Speaker:

Professor Alan Dale Dickinson


About Professor Dickinson
A native Californian, Dickinson has traveled around the globe, but he has never found any location that he likes better than sunny southern California. Hugely prolific, Alan has published dozens of novels and other books, on many subjects, and his popular character, PI Charlie O'Brien - the Christian Detective - is well-loved and getting more popular by the minute!

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Village Stories Anthologies


Village Stories 2019
is Here!

The fifth annual anthology of Village Stories, for 2019, written and edited by members of the Publishing Club of Laguna Woods, proves that the art of storytelling still goes on and on. There are many authors and poets that have created various works in a kaleidoscope of fact, fiction, poetry, and memoirs.

Check Out the Old Pros Podcast!

Old Pros Radio Hour flier
The Old Pros Radio Hour brings you original, entertaining stories written by Villagers and read by Old Pros.Many episodes are now live:
  • Memories of a Movie Star - Lewis Marcus interviews Brett Halsey
  • Anecdotes from a Former Journalist - Jill Amadio
  • Humorous Life Tales - Dennis Glauber
  • Fiction from the Future - Jon Perkins & Jerry Schur; read by Tom Nash & Bob Baumann
  • Bittersweet Stories from Childhood - Rita Rabinowitz read by Lee MacMorris

February Meeting

LWV PubClub February Flyer - 02_19_2020_FINAL

Publishing Club Meets Monthly

Join the Laguna Woods Village Publishing Club for their monthly meeting in the PAC, Dining Room Two, from 2-4PM. Watch here for dates!

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Watch the 2019 Storytelling event!

Watch our Storytellers in Their Element

On September 17, 2019, The Publishing Club held their annual "Storytelling in September" event in Dining Room 1 of the Laguna Woods Performing Arts Center. While nine different storytellers kept them rapt and enchanted, the audience enjoyed a delicious meal.

Watch this video of our Storytelling event from September!

The Publishing Club of Laguna Woods Village

The Publishing Club of Laguna Woods Village includes established and first-time authors, award-winning writers, poets, and storytellers, all of whom share a common interest in understanding the world of publishing. Among us are authors of memoirs, biographies, humor, poetry, mystery novels, children's books, sci-fi, and more. Some authors use traditional publishing methods; some self-publish their work; and others want a few copies for family and friends. We believe that, even if we may not have a book in us, all of us has at least one story to tell, and we want to help each other tell it - and to then tell more. To join the Publishing Club, download our membership form below.*

*Membership is open to residents of Laguna Woods Village only

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