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Besides authoring bestsellers, Jill Amadio was a reporter in London, England; Madrid, Spain; Bogota, Colombia, and Bangkok, Thailand. She has also co-authored several books including "My Vagabond Lover: Rudy Vallee; "Monterey's Finest Policewomen;" "Help! I've Hired a Lawyer!" and "Gloria." I have ghostwritten several memoirs.



Southern California native Michelle Cahill became a published author after retiring from her 40-year career at Disneyland. Her published memoirs are Dear Mom, A Family Finds Its Past in World War II Letters Home and Tail Wags and Purrs, Happy Pet Adoption Stories, both available on Amazon.

Professor Dickinson enjoyed a career in banking, reaching the level of President in a major bank in the US, before becoming a prolific author, to date havingpublished more than 20 books, and he's still writing away!



Raised bilingual from birth, Peggy started teaching Spanish in Mexico at 7 years old, and later realized her lifelong dream to educate as a bilingual storyteller at the Library of San Juan Capistrano. She is now the President of the Laguna Woods Publishing Club, and anthologist and co-editor of all of that club's "Village Stories" volumes. Her children's books are beautiful bilingual pieces.

William Scott Galasso is the author of fourteen poetry books and editor/contributing poet of the 2017 edition of Eclipse Moon, the 20th Anniversary issue of Southern California Haiku Study Group. When he’s not writing or editing, Scott spends time working with a local publishing club and enjoys Southern California sunsets with his beautiful wife Vicki.



Since immigrating from Honduras, Lorraine Gow has crossed many other borders: from earning an Education Specialist Masters to writing poems and short stories about the struggles of being black, speaking Spanish, making tamales wrapped in banana leaves and living in a country where the term black Hispanic is stranger than alien.


Born in a Puerto Rican jungle, Sabina Montalvo–now Jacqueline Jorgensen–doesn't know her exact age. The one thing she knows for sure is that life without an education is a never ending problem. "School is not for girls", her parents claimed, thus making her and her sisters handicapped for life. Jacqueline's "Beyond Mud And Vines," and her other memoir-styled novels, depict her escape from that jungle.

No different than many other writers, I was lured to reading, and later writing, by the smell of ink and paper. A new book meant a new adventure and today putting the first words on a page means the same thing. As a creative, who must create, I share some of my journeys with assorted media in an autobiographical work titled "Red Splashes."



Harold H Lee, a scientist and a genetic expert by profession. Lee writes fantastic stories full of human drama, political intrigue, and science.

Sunshine's catchy and effervescent personality is caught beautifully in her stories. "Sunshine's Stories" include 24 pieces created between 1986 and 2018 -- autobiographical, fantastic, poetry and vivid memories. In "Journey to Joy," Sunshine brings us love, family, drama–the beauty and charm of life as we know it. Her charm and humor will chill and delight and bring a tear and a smile to readers everywhere



Ellyn Maybe's work has been included in many anthologies and she is the author of numerous books. She also has a critically acclaimed poetry/music album, Rodeo for the Sheepish (Hen House Studios). In addition to her band, her latest poetry/music project is called ellyn & robbie. Their latest album is Skywriting with Glitter.

A lifelong interest in writing, and the time that comes with retirement has allowed him to pursue novel writing as a serious effort. A prolific author, Perkins enjoys the mystery genre. A retired insurance company executive, Jon lives with his wife in Laguna Woods.



Daneen Pysz writes first-person dramas of women in the Bible who have done brave and courageous deeds for the glory of God. Her book, "Bible's 'Bad' Girls...Stories of some of the lesser known brave and courageous women" contains four women from the Old Testament and four from the New Testament. Each story can be used as a Bible study as there are stimulating questions for each story. She is currently working on "Royalty and Loyalty—Women Who Loved the Lord"

Allan Rankin had an early passion for travel that led to a life of constant moving. It also led to writing, and technology's constant movement and change provided plenty of material. His life crisscrosses North America in a never-ending quest for a better deal, which, in the end, he finally found - on a golf course near the beach.



Redner is the publisher of "The Hummingbird Review," a literary magazine, and the author of "Down But Never Out" biography of former middleweight champion Joey Giardello, and "Terror Travels the Devil's Highway."

A native of Oak Park, IL (near Chicago), Sainsbury attended high school in the same building Ernest Hemingway did, which may be why he's always dreamed of writing. He's published three science fiction books to this point, and is feverishly working on more.



Already published across the globe as a musicologist and regionally as a political opinion commentator, with THE BOOMER RANG he gets to stretch with comedic short plays, early morning meditations, and poetry, especially for those born between 1946 and 1964. When your parents would not be caught dead wearing sneakers.

Larry G. Johnston

Larry is a Navy veteran retired law enforcement officer. He's an author of three published books, including a Murder Mystery, a book of humorous one-liners, and a children's donkey story