A Miserable Sunday Visit - Scene One

26 February 2020

Guy at in-laws on a miserable Sunday visit .

Sits by himself on lounge chair talking to his male buddy - he is close to delivering divorce papers to his wife .
Father in law walks into living room , rubbing his eyes , was asleep in bedroom .
Daughter and wife and mother in law arrive with groceries.
Daughter is “daddy’s little girl “. They have a good relationship .
Wife is very high strung , prone to long lectures , but highly intelligent .
A character flaw would be she’s careless with money .

She arrives with a lot of groceries . Once again she over- bought on gourmet items.

He ends IPhone call when she arrives in the living room w her mother and daughter and groceries .

Mother in law pulls out several lottery tickets bought at the shopping excursion .

Wife yells to husband :
“Did you forget to look up the lottery winning numbers for last night ?”

“Yeah . Ok. “ reaches into his shirt pocket reluctantly , making mocking faces .

He reopens his iPhone to get to the lottery site.

He looks at the iPhone and then the ticket .

He pauses . Frowns . Looks again . Pupils dilate .

His body freezes .

Wife Pat says to mother in law (while sorting through groceries) : “Tom says our chances are increased when we go for the lowest paying contest . I love these pre cooked dinners !!!
Who feels like making spaghetti ? Tom . Tom!
Ok, how many did we ‘just miss’ this time ?”

Tom: (staring straight ahead ) looka this !

Pat: mother ! We won ! 12.5 million !!

Mother in law : i told you he shoulda played Power Ball!